¬†We have friends, David and Lynda, who take off every summer to some remote part of the world on their tandem bicycle without any way of knowing what’s ahead of them.


Anything is possible on these trips, including the possibility of not finding a room to sleep in as rain begins to fall in some remote European village. David and Lynda’s willingness to approach life as a journey was not the only inspiration for how this company is run or even why we chose the name, 5 Spoke Creamery.


At 5 Spoke Creamery, we consider cheese making the art of possibility – what will occur on any given day given the seasonal changes and availability of wildflowers and grasses, how the fresh raw milk will interact with the cultures and the mysteries of the cave. We basically let nature take over, and somehow after many months of aging we’re pretty happy with the results. Let us know what you think.


We will continue to celebrate the art of possibility here at 5 Spoke – that it’s possible to produce superior tasting, small batch raw milk cheeses that happen to be kosher, too.