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Raw Milk Cheeses – A Natural Source of Probiotics

September 09, 2012 | Posted in Friendly Facts

It’s all about the milk. Great cheese starts with great milk – raw milk from grass fed cows.  As farmstead cheese makers using the raw milk of Read More

At 5 Spoke Creamery, we  believe that like riding a bike, balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle. 

Our mission is to promote sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly practices like bike riding while encouraging eating farmstead, raw milk cheese as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Our decision to become farmstead cheese makers was driven by Alan's  passion for artisanal cheeses  he discovered while working in Holland. 

We are now the proud owners of a 100+ year old dairy farm just 1 hour from NYC.  And, we recently became 100% solar powered, harkening back to the days when the only power on the farm was provided by the wind.

From time to time we will share stories and pictures reflecting our passion for amazing cheeses, information about raw milk and life on the farm .

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