A sharp and complex cheddar with buttery notes, Redmond Cheddar is reminiscent of traditional British cheddars. The taste and smooth texture of this cheese is similar to what you would expect to find at farmer’s markets or behind the counters at fine specialty foods stores.

“The Redmond Cheddar is aged for six months and exhibits a more pronounced tart and saltiness that I likened to a partially matured Parmesan cheese. Rich robust even hay or straw like qualities come through on this cheese.” – Todd Aarons, Executive Chef, Tierra Sur at Herzog Winery

Redmond Cheddar pairs well with a Gamay/Pinot Noir or India Pale Ale style beer. We also love it sliced with apples and pears.


Pairings Suggestions


Gamay, Pinot Noir


India Pale Ale


Sliced Apples, Pears