Delectably sweet and nuanced, Welsh Cheddar is a smooth, moist, ultra-creamy washed-curd cheese with a distinctive flavor, somewhere between a Caerphilly and a young Cantal.

” .. the true likeness of an English Somerset Country Caerphilly, with its rich raw butter smooth creamy texture…this cheese could help you Brits feel less homesick as you make a Welsh Rarebit sandwich” – Todd Aarons, Executive Chef at Tierra Sur at Herzog Wine Cellars

We often describe the experience of unwrapping a block of Welsh Cheddar as reminiscent of prepping to bake; the rush of its buttery aroma is so strong.

Welsh Cheddar is also an amazing melting cheese, gracing burgers at some of the finest gastro pubs and farm-to-table restaurants in New York and beyond.

Welsh Cheddar block and packaged

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Mac and Cheese, Melted on Burgers